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What Should I Buy?

What device should I purchase?

BES in consultation with your school has provided a range of devices available for parents to purchase through the schools BYOD portal. The devices may be grouped by the requirement of the grade that your student is in, eg Junior, Middle or Senior School or by brand or type of device. If you have questions on what is most suitable for your student, please consult your school website or the BYOD contact in your school for more information.

What accessories should I purchase?

Have a look at the optional accessories tab on the portal if it is there to add a case for extra protection, a mouse, external hard drive or a USB drive or other accessories. These will help your student be more productive and help protect the work that your child is undertaking.

Carry Case:

Kids are rough. It is recommended to purchase a solid case as offered on the portal and educate your child on the correct way to transport and use the device.


You are now responsible for backing up all of your data. We recommend that you purchase an external USB hard drive so that all of your data is backed up automatically.


What happens if the internal storage device dies and it is replaced under warranty? The original windows will not be put back on, that is your responsibility. We recommend that you purchase a 16GB USB drive and the FIRST thing done is to use the Windows recovery drive creation tool to create your own recovery drive.

Do I need Antivirus and Threat Protection?

The portal has an antivirus and threat protection offering and you are free to use this if you do not already have a preferred brand. Check with your school BYOD contact to see if the school has negotiated a school wide deal for this function.

For Education Queensland Schools there is the ability to get a subscription for Norton Security with Backup for a small annual fee. Please contact your school BYOD program manager for details.

What insurance options are available?

Purchasing an Accidental Damage Protection cover (ADP) or Accidental Damage Protection & Theft cover (ADPT) will allow you to claim for any accidental damage that may occur to the device.

Acer ADP and ADPT policies are ONLY available for Acer devices.

Protect IT ADP and ADPT policies are available for Apple and Lenovo devices. There are different versions of these policies based on the price of the machine. Please choose the correct value insurance for the chosen device.

Accidental Damage and Theft Product Protection insurance solutions are rich in benefits to provide peace of mind from the unexpected for all types of electronic mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, netbooks.

Insurance may protect you against the following:


•             Liquid Spills

•             Drops and falls

•             Electrical surge

•             Damaged or broken LCD screens

•             Accidental breakage

•             Theft


The range of insurance we offer is available with a variety of cover options for your peace of mind.

Please refer to the PDS to ensure that the policy is right for your needs.


Insurance Information

  • The following insurances are issued by Virginia Surety Company, Inc. ABN 63 080 339 957 AFSL 245579 (VSC); VSC Accidental Damage Accidental Loss and Theft Protection Insurance and VSC Accidental Damage Protection Insurance. BES ACN 010 802 776 are appointed as an authorised Distributor of VSC. This website may contain factual information only and does not take into account your personal financial circumstances. Please consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available on our website before making a decision to purchase the product.